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Project Isaac

Introducing DeepScan: Your Ultimate AI-Powered Vehicle Inspector. Our state-of-the-art web-based app, powered by DeepScan technology, transforms your mobile phone camera into a powerful damage detection tool. Effortlessly capture photos or videos of vehicles, and let DeepScan's advanced AI analyze and identify damages or defects with precision.


Experience the Future of Vehicle Inspection: PureVision, our cutting-edge AI solution meticulously crafted for integrated CCTV cameras. By seamlessly melding AI and computer vision, PureVision revolutionizes defect detection, ensuring every imperfection is identified swiftly and precisely. Elevate your vehicle maintenance standards with the power of Skann's PureVision.


Revolutionizing Vehicle Inspection with Project Isaac. Experience a new era of damage & fraud detection as our innovative solution, equipped with five built-in cameras, employs the unmatched power of PureVision technology. Vehicles passing through this cutting-edge structure are meticulously scanned for damages and defects in real-time, ensuring uncompromised quality control. Elevate your inspection standards and drive with confidence, courtesy of Project Isaac.


Discover TireScope: Redefining Tire Performance Assessment with AI-Powered Precision. Our innovative web-based mobile app utilizes advanced computer vision to revolutionize how you evaluate tire conditions. By accurately measuring tread depth, TireScope empowers users to gauge tire performance effortlessly, promoting safer journeys and informed maintenance choices for enhanced vehicle efficiency. Experience the future of tire care with TireScope.


Welcome to Hub: Streamlined Vehicle Damage Reporting for Professionals. Designed as a centralized platform, Hub employs advanced computer vision to collect comprehensive damage reports, equipping professionals with a streamlined portal to access and screen essential information. Make informed decisions effortlessly by harnessing the power of Hub's data-driven insights for effective vehicle management.




Visuals collected through DeepScan, PureVision & TireScope are processed through our AI & IP technology and the outputs are displayed to our customers as per their needs. Outputs are accessible through SkannHub, APIs and PDFs.


Insurance Plus

This is where AI-based computer vision technology meets unparalleled innovation. At Skann, we are committed to transforming the way automotive insurance operates, making it more efficient, accurate, and customer-centric.

Tires Plus

Committed to push the boundaries of AI-based computer vision technology to provide you with the most accurate and reliable tire solutions.

Car Sharing Plus

We are dedicated to revolutionizing the car sharing industry with leading-edge solutions that empower car sharing companies to thrive in the modern world.

Fleet & Rent a Car Plus

We understand the critical importance of maintaining the integrity and safety of your fleet and rental cars. Our AI-based computer vision technology supports fleet operators and rental car companies to provide exceptional services and streamline operations.

Body Shops Plus

We recognize the paramount significance of providing exceptional repair services to your valued customers. Our pioneering AI-based computer vision solutions are the driving force behind elevating body shops to new heights of efficiency, precision, and customer satisfaction, enabling your business to stand out amongst competitors.

Airport Parking Plus

By effortlessly capturing and analyzing damages in real-time, our technology ensures seamless communication and collaboration among relevant parties, from car owners to insurance providers and automotive industry professionals. Introducing PureVision, an extraordinary solution diligently crafted for the specific needs of airport parking lots.

Manufacturing Line Plus

We acknowledge the utmost importance of impeccable manufacturing within the automotive industry. Our AI-powered computer vision technology supports automotive manufacturers to achieve unparalleled efficiency, precision, and quality control on their production lines.